When Groupe SEB acquired Wearever in 2006, it had big plans for the cookware brand. Although performing well in the market, Wearever had lost much of its cachet that once made it a leading cookware brand in the mid ‘50's.

Groupe SEB came to Curve ID with the intent of re-establishing Wearever's brand values, especially with the younger generation. After investigating its history, we discovered that the name was derived from the phrase, Wear-for-ever – a concept based around using ‘honest materials’ to prolong the cookware’s life span.

Our strategy to contemporize the brand was, ironically, to go back to these founding principles. We used stainless steel for the handles for a durable and sturdy feel, whilst updating the aesthetics. A curved, elegant profile with localized edge details brought tension and visual interest to the overall look.We took a journey back in time to re-instill Wearever's values. We also made a big leap forward – with a younger generation enthusiastically buying into this refreshed brand.