Curve ID is an award-winning consultancy offering a complete industrial design service. In the past 25 years, we have collaborated with international clients and major consumer brands through to new start-ups and entrepreneurs– each with a different need. Yet we’ve brought one thing to all of them – our conviction that design is all about making connections

Connecting people with products; creativity with functionality; brand experiences with innovation; and shelf appeal with profits. It’s no good if a product works fantastically but costs a fortune to manufacture, or is clever but does not reflect the brand, or looks beautiful but doesn’t sell. And how do we make these connections? We have five founding principles that are embedded in our company, our people and our processes.


Research should unquestionably be the start of any process.

We spend a lot of time understanding real people - in-depth anthropological research, looking at daily routines and habits. Even if we come face to face with danger – our infant feeding study for NUK meant many a bowl of food thrown at us. But this approach paid off – we found out what moms and infants really needed, not what was assumed they needed.


Design shines new light on Brand qualities, yet retains its intrinsic values.

Tell us you need to preserve a brand ethic whilst launching a new range? Or keep an established identity but enter a new category? We’ll negotiate the challenge for you.

Concept and Manufacturing are inherently intertwined.

Collectively, we are trained in every aspect of the design and manufacturing process. We can talk to you about ideation and aesthetics through to engineering and manufacturing technique. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of various manufacturing techniques and being able to identify the best approach early on in the design process. This is to ensure design intent will be properly executed. We don’t need to involve other departments, or other companies. For Colgate, we reinvented its manufacturing process to meet the punishing demands of one of today’s toughest consumers – kids.


Form language is a balanced blend of proportions, distinctiveness, and evolving trends.

Eye for design is keen, form and proportions. Stay on top of trend and taste. We live by the belief that we should always strive to provide creative work. Because there is always a place for aesthetics – as long as it meets the brief. How else would we have survived in the intensely competitive market of cookware – with clients such as Pyrex and All Clad.


And finally, we are nice people

We call instead of text when it comes to project matters. We say thank you when invoicing. We'll even unlock and open the doors for you when you come and visit. In honest truth, we are an approachable group of people to work with – fleet of foot, flexible and friendly. We would always try to let our enthusiasm for what we do rub off on our clients.


The Studio

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The view of Manhattan! - Photo by Andres Felipe Hincapie Sanchez


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