Nike Vapor sport watch

Nike’s brief was to update its classic watch line, VAPOR. The sports mega-brand was looking a watch more in tune with the needs of professional runners. Working with a brand so intensely in-tune with its user's needs, it was vital that we add a level of functionality to the VAPOR that would be a genuine upgrade to the existing well-liked product. Having observed and interviewed committed runners, our design words for the project were ‘liberation’ and ‘performance’. We wanted the VAPOR to more effectively mirror the experience a runner goes through.

 Our solution was to focus on the ergonomics of the watch. Working with new Nike technology, the result was a watch boasting the first curved display screen on the market, allowing a watch that conforms more to the shape of the wrist. In addition, the upgraded VAPOR featured a prominent, easy access stop button, saving 3 to 5 seconds when tracking and reviewing time. The result was a high performance watch that did indeed allow the user to run liberated.