JAVAR Meatgrinder

JAVAR is a Colombian-based company focused on industrial kitchen equipment. For more than 30 years, JAVAR has been part of the transformation of the butcher industry in Colombia. Contributing to build products that meet compliance with stricter sanitary standards.

JAVAR approached us to develop an all-new range of meat grinders that will be built in Colombia and designed to meet international sanitary standards. our process started with an in-depth research phase in which we learned how these machines are built and about the butcher industry of Colombia as well as the U.S. with these findings, we gained valuable knowledge that helped us guide the design of the project. We sketched a wide variety of different forms that give the product a robust and easy to clean look. After down-selecting our design ideas, we began to define how the machine will be manufactured, keeping the number of parts low and capable of adapting to different model sizes. After several rounds of cad development and working closely with engineers, we had enough data to begin prototyping and testing.

Our final design focused on easy-to-clean surfaces with a robust stance that communicates durability.