All-Clad Tools

Leading French company, Groupe SEB, sells six products every second around the world from its portfolio of 23 brands – getting product design right first time is critical for this business, with high volume and turnaround. The company responsible for brands such as All-Clad, Tefal, Rowenta and Moulinex, approached us to help with imbuing its All-Clad brand with a feel of professional craftsmanship. The goal was to create an aspirational range of tools designed to appeal to would-be chefs, who see cooking as a calling, as much as a necessity.

Our challenge was to take cooking tools from ‘the cooktop to the tabletop’ – to create something with high-end performance and also stylish aesthetic appeal. We worked on over 20 tools, focusing on innovation in the tool’s working end. Our de-glazing spoon, for example, combines a classic spoon shape and hollow, with a sharp-ended head designed for scraping the bottom of the pan. The potato masher is designed to provide a more ergonomic mashing approach – combining scraping, mixing and mashing.


Our work with All Clad continues to challenge us to find new ways of creating market share in an incredibly competitive sector – so far that is a challenge to which we are rising.