All-Clad Tools Process by Curve ID

We’re glad to see the latest set of All-Clad tools hit the shelves of Williams Sonoma!


An important part of the design process for this project was to evaluate the tool’s design and ergonomics with 3D -Printed prototypes. With each iteration of the prototypes, we gained insights and improved the overall look and feel of each tool.

We evaluated 28 tools in total, each with a unique task to fill in the kitchen, in Non-Stick and Stainless steel versions.

Curve ID at Starrett-Lehigh by Curve ID

Alberto's quote featured on Starrett-Lehigh's Instagram post:

 “There’s a #community at #StarrettLehigh unlike any other #OfficeBuilding I’ve seen. We’ve worked with #designers#artists, and #architectsthroughout the building; it’s nice to be able to share #knowledge, contacts, and even #build#prototypes with each other.” – Alberto Mantilla, Founding #Partner of @Curve_ID



Colombia Design at General Consulate of Colombia NYC by Curve ID

We had a great time sharing a few of our designs as well as meeting new up and coming designers from Colombia. We would like to thank the General Consulate of Colombia in New York for offering their support of this event and we're looking forward to seeing Colombian design continue to grow and succeed!

Make sure you guys check out the work from a few of the hardworking designers we had a chance to meet:

medellindesignweek  tutallerdesign  HincapieArquitectos pablofog Criolla  moakstudio  estudioseisnueve  Blue Point



2017 Colombia Design NYC by Curve ID

We're excited to have the opportunity to participate in the 2017 Colombia Design exhibition at the Colombian Consulate in NYC. We displayed a few new projects from Alberto Mantilla as well as Dario Narvaez' and Anthony Baxter's "Black Hole Lamp". Our work was featured alongside several other Colombian renowned designers.


Consulate General of Colombia

10 E 46th St New York NY 10017

Black Hole Lamp - Video by Curve ID

"A black hole, a celestial object so massive that no nearby matter or radiation can escape its gravitational field. Often, this is described as the boundary within which the black hole's escape velocity is greater than the speed of light." Design by Dario Alejandro Narvaez, Tony Baxter, the Curve ID Team & many others!


Curve ID is proud to announce that the “Black Hole Lamp”, conceived and directed by Dario Alejandro Narvaez and Tony Baxter, has won one of the world’s largest international lighting competitions, L A M P (Light Architecture Movement Project;

Thanks to the Curve ID team, particularly Alberto Mantilla and Carlos Gonzalez

Special thanks to:
Benjamin Duarte: Metal Fabrication
Eddy Viana: Electronics & Programming
Mark Breneman: Electronics & Programming
Marc Vivant: Electronics & Programming
Pete Althoff: Electronics Consulting
Ronald Ondrey: Prototype Consulting
Last but not least, the event organizers at L A M P: Nicole Fox & Annika Hagen; Thank you for hosting such a unique event that inspires the design community.

Inside the Tech Studio at Starrett-Lehigh: A View to the Future of Product Design by Curve ID

On October 27th Curve I.D. featured our partner Alberto Mantilla as one of the panelists for Starrett-Lehigh's "Inside the Tech Studio, a View to the Future of Product Design". An evening featuring industry experts, attendees were able to witness a #PanelDiscussion focused on #tech and #design.

Thank you, Starrett-Lehigh for hosting such a unique event and celebrating Product Design!